Your touch, your style

October 18, 2017

Inspired by moments, experiences, weddings of the last weeks and unexpected situations, today I am writing to you, couple about to marry, to you that who has never planned an event as big as it is a wedding, to you who is about to enter an industry which is often difficult to understand, you who has no idea of how much a wedding costs, you who has been suggested everything and has seen so much that you don’t know or where to start. Calm down, breathe, take some air and read on.

I recently talked to one of my clients, we discussed how much the perception of the event as such and everything that today implies getting married has changed. Added to that, the social pressure that often influences the decision of the couple is without a doubt inevitable and, with so much “wedding inspiration” in social media, you get lost in this world, with new trends, with colors of year, with fashion that defines and changes the direction of the industry, it obviously is a topic for the couple to reflect their personality on such an important day.

Your touch, your style

Today, I am not here to make you fall in love or to convince you about a style or a concept of wedding, today I want to speak from the perspective of a person for whom, even being in the industry, it is also difficult to be inspired by so much bombardment. Under this context I want to talk to you about how to reflect YOUR TOUCH, YOUR STYLE.

Let’s start with the basics, define first what you are like as a couple: fun, classic, romantic, indie, hipster, lighthearted, intense, somewhat lunatic, geeks, etc. Once you understand what you are like, be faithful to your style and therefore your budget, adapt fashion to your essence, and never forget the fundamentals for a wedding: VENUE, BANQUET, FLOWERS, ALCOHOL, DJ & PHOTOGRAPHY.

Decoration by: By Allegra
Photo: Cristian Salvatierra

Make the necessary changes, anything for your wedding, that long awaited event for you as a couple, to reflect who you are and in every detail of it the guests can perceive the love you have.

Yes, the click still exists

Lately I’ve heard that the click with the supplier no longer exists, that everything is about “branding” and how much it is positioned in the mind of the consumer, but, let’s be logical, we are in a business of people, feelings and emotions, no matter how much the supplier manages an I N C R E D I B L E branding, if he/she does not click with the couple in terms of personality, human quality, simplicity and style, it will be even harder for you to reflect YOUR TOUCH, YOUR STYLE.

Decoración por Florestta
Foto: Cristian Salvatierra


Listen to opinions, spend time on Instagram, travel, observe, define, analyze, talk, test, color, crop, imagine, conceptualize, plan, organize, budget, make changes, many changes, ask for suggestions, join people who bring you value , restructure, do not be afraid, query, question, stalk, create, experiment, make mistakes, highlight important and transcendental, but above all live intensely every wedding process, every second, every minute, always reflect YOUR TOUCH, YOUR STYLE, as a couple, as a person and as a human being.

Photo: Jos Hernández

Always remember that:

“A wedding is not just an event, it is memories that last in time.”

Cecy Pineda.

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