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    Sneak Peek Trends 2018

    October 13, 2017

    It is exactly that moment of the year when I am realizing that we are already in September and I am thinking: How come 8 months passed so fast? When you work in this industry you live literally a year ahead with weddings already signed for 2018, quotes, trends, travel, exhibitions and more. So today I want to share with you my predictions of what will be TOP in DECORATIVE TRENDS for 2018.

    Ethnic Wedding

    The inspiration in Lebanon and Morocco will be at its maximum splendor, we cannot forget that these weddings are characterized by proudly highlighting their culture, traditions and unique decorative style. Adapt this new trend in subtle details, with good taste and ad hoc to the integral concept of the wedding. The must colors are the range of olive green, ocher yellow and metallic.

    Neon Wedding

    One of my favorites! A bold, fun, out of the ordinary trend, maximizing simple things in impact decorations. You have certainly seen those neon signs that are very trendy in your favorite shops, well, the inspiration comes exactly from this, but as always, at weddings you have to give it that touch of formality and protocol that you must follow. Do not abuse details in neon! Use it in lighting, giveaways or spotlights of the venue.


    Mediterranean Wedding

    I am increasingly inspired by this trend, from my point of view, it will be the most used trend next year, it is perfect for day weddings with ocean air, it does not have to be a wedding at the seashore to create that Mediterranean atmosphere that makes you fall in love. Translate the mystery of this trend to crockery, table linen, floral arrangements, and glassware, among others. The basic color is blue, bet on an interesting and lively color palette.

    Marble Wedding

    We are in the period of marble (literally), we have seen it in invitations, in stationery, in pens, in architecture, in cafes, in interior design, in fabrics, in clothes … EVERYWHERE. It really looks divine at weddings! Highlight details with it but at the same time be careful because it can feel very cold, it is perfect for weddings at night, highlight with gold, rose gold and ocher.

    Hints of Black

    Black has been par excellence the color that defines fashion in general, a neutral, sober, elegant color, you will find opinions about it, we predict that in 2018 we will see it more strongly in weddings being the star in decoration even in the wedding dress, the market changes in leaps and bounds and with it there is greater openness to dare to leave the ordinary. Dare, there’s a reason it was the favorite color of my Favorite Fashion Icon: Coco Chanel!


    They have been, are and will remain favorites, but this time we will see weddings totally full of vibrant metallic, pink, green, blue, red, it will be an interesting, fun, DIFFERENT, exciting and above all unusual explosion of colors. If you are classic, keep on betting on the traditions and elegant golden, silver and ocher, which have made clear will NOT go out of style

    6 trends that will be at their MAXIMUM in 2018 and you, which one do you like the most?