Are you getting married? We tell you how to choose your wedding dress.

October 25, 2017
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Here are the important points that a bride should take into account to select her wedding dress: personality, age, place and date of the wedding.

In the nuptial market dominant personalities stand out:


This bride is characterized by being a dreamer and has planned her wedding all her life. You do not necessarily want a princess dress, but you do want something where romance stands out. The use of lace or gemstones is in.

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She is not afraid of change, of being surprising or of being the center of attention. The wedding will be full of striking elements or very well-planned moments. The dress must have vintage features, like XL sleeves or the lace that looks like it’s taken from Grandma’s dress.


This bride is a fashion lover. She is unpredictable and likes to change and experiment with new fabrics, flavors, colors and textures. The wedding will be something innovative and will have a very marked style full of surprising details in the invitations, the table of desserts, music and more. Knowledge and love for fashion will be translated in the style of the bride. The dress should include trends such as transparency and trendy colors.


She likes traditions and formality. Her goal will be to not break the standards and make everything come out perfect. In the nuptial look trends like the princess silhouettes, dresses where the lace is the main character and where the delicacy of the fabrics speak for themselves will stand out.

Age: For any style it will always be best to go according to age and event.

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Place, Date or Season: This is where the expertise of wedding planners and venues’ suppliers comes into play although it is still an important factor in which a bride’s styling can be affected.


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