From Classy to Sassy at your wedding

December 23, 2017

If you follow us in our social media you certainly know that we make Luxury, Classy and Sassy weddings. First, I want to tell you where this word game came to my life from: I always spend time on Instagram looking for inspiration and in one of those times, I found this phrase: “Stay Classy, Sassy and a Little Bad Assy”. That is the complete sentence, but I, for obvious marketing reasons, left the last part out, but I felt really identified, because that’s what my lifestyle and myself are like: Classy – Classical, I love protocol weddings, keeping the initial motive of the celebration, and Sassy – Fun, Audacious, Chic – we translate that to the weddings through trendy, different weddings, with touches of avant-garde ornaments, but always maintaining the good taste.

So, today I want to give you my best tips to move from Classy to Sassy on the best day of your life. Take note and share the tips with your partner!


Something that characterizes “Sassy” weddings is that they always move with the trend, but as in everything, you have to know how to choose what part of fashion or a trend fits the weddings, so you have to look out for the textures, colors and fashion in general to accentuate details in the decoration giving it that chic touch without losing the essence and style of the wedding (Make sure to read our trend forecast for 2018: Sneak Peek Trends 2018.)


If there is something we love in ONLY ONCE, that is glow and glitter so we always try to add metallic in our weddings from the classics to the most modern ones that are GOLD ROSE & COOPER, add gold and silver in sequins, glitter, highlights in the dancefloor, glassware or even in your wedding dress. You will certainly set trend!


Part of being “Sassy” is to think of decoration as a concept and style, so in your wedding do not neglect budget for lighting, today it is as vital as the flowers themselves. Create completely different scenarios thanks to a set of LEDs or washer for the big day. Believe me, it’s vital in every wedding!


Something that we love in ONLY ONCE is to create concepts for weddings, so our couples feel more identified with the whole style of the wedding. For that, we analyze our clients, we talk with them, we ask for reference images and in the end it’s our passion that moves us to have very ad hoc words to each wedding, such as: Hipster Glam, Indie Chic, Glitter Addicts, Sequins Lovers, etc. (Yes, in English because we speak SPANGLISH!)


One of the definitions of Sassy (American Slang) is “fun”, so our recommendation will always be to fully enjoy the whole process of your wedding, from day one until you leave for your honeymoon. This part is very important, enjoy the appointments with suppliers, the endless hours that we spend talking in our cafes or on WhatsApp, because, believe me, after it all, you will miss the process.

Foto: Maem + Pedro Squad

5 very easy to carry out tips if you want to go from a Classy wedding to a Sassy one. Remember that once you’re with me, Cecy Pineda, my motto will always be: “With me, everything is possible”, so: I am looking forward to organizing your wedding! Get in touch with me!

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