Casa de los Angeles, Malinalco: A paradise for events

December 7, 2017

I knew this house last year when a couple approached me to hire me and they had already chosen the venue. I have to admit that I had never had weddings at the destination and I did not know the HOUSE – GARDEN either. When I went to visit the magical village of Malinalco, I was amazed at its top tourist infrastructure and at the adorable local restaurants I found. I fell in love with Malinalco!


Uff! What can I tell you? Hidden between the mountains that surround the destination and almost at the entrance of the village, is the house that has 2 interior rooms perfectly decorated, a beautiful dining room for 12 people, a paddle court, and a pool with view to the lush landscape, and also its respective and perfectly conceptualized 5 rooms plus a library worthy of spending a good time there.

Photo courtesy Casa de los Ángeles

Photo courtesy Casa de los Ángeles

The service provided is of luxury and quality without a doubt, with excellent weather most of the year. Believe me, you will want to go there for a family weekend.

It also has “The Limoncito” which in weddings is used as the bride’s room, with terrace, swimming pool and excellent landscapes for the previous photo shoot. Next to this you find the organic garden of the house, a paradise for lovers of hydroponics and culinary arts.


With more than 700 m2 of garden, it has, due to its location, an impressive natural landscape created by the famous landscape artist Ken Drumbolis. The design of the garden, the choice and placement of each tree and plant, the set of flowers and colors have been worked by this renowned Canadian landscaper as a work of art to make the whole a unique space in which harmony, beauty and warmth complement each other.

Photo courtesy Casa de los Ángeles

Photo courtesy Casa de los Ángeles

Any corner of the garden is worthy a photo. Do not forget to sit on the bench that is always there and very placidly and calmly take a photo while you let yourself be hypnotized by the natural environment where I assure you connect body with mind.


I have history in this garden and it is that I have had two of the most emotional weddings in it. The first, Maem + Pedro’s wedding, has been the wedding where I have cried the most, because of the life story of the couple, because of everything represented by the accents in the wedding, but above all this, because of the love that you could breathe from friends and family. The second wedding, Any + Dan’s, was truly magical, especially because of the beautiful friendship I built with the couple and still have today after almost a year of marriage.

Maem + Pedro. Photo by Rodrigo Epstein

Any + Dan. Photo by Salvador Carmona

I’ll tell you more in detail the 10 basic things you need to know if you get married at Casa de los Ángeles in Malinalco:

  • You have to contemplate pallet and tent, no matter what.
  • Your providers must do mandatory prior scouting.
  • Architectural lighting is the main attraction in the place (do not miss my recommendations in ZANKYOU Weddings).
  • You have to hydrate your guests a lot if the wedding is in spring; opt for fresh water bars.
  • The place is perfect to have the religious ceremony right there.
  • Destine 60 minutes to the couple’s photo shoot in the place, there are too many beautiful places to photograph.
  • As it is a garden, give giveaways for guests: do not forget the heel plugs + fans in spring or scarves in winter.
  • You can create truly  A M A Z I N G wedding concepts, but my recommendation will always be to preserve the natural landscape of the place.
  • Local providers! If there is something that I liked about the destination, it is social tourism, its local suppliers are professional, committed and responsible.
  • You have to hire a Wedding Planner, it’s a big garden with a complex logistics, you do not want to do it alone, you need more than 15 suppliers at the wedding (approximately) and be attentive to all of them on the big day, it will be impossible.

Photo: Salvador Carmona

Photo: Rodrigo Epstein

Do you dare to get married at Casa de los Ángeles? Contact us! We are specialists in the garden and we love to work there. If you want to know more about the garden follow them in their social networks:

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