How to adapt the great fashion events to weddings?

October 26, 2017

As you know, at the beginning of this month we have our Facebook special of Fashion Week in London which took place a couple of days ago, you may wonder what a Wedding Planner is doing, having a fashion special when her main job is to plan weddings. Well, today I just want to talk about this, how we revolutionize the industry with inspiration literally from all over the world. (Be sure to read our latest entry in the Blog where we give you more tips: How to prepare for the 2018 weddings?)

Why fashion?

As much as I have been telling you in innumerable situations that inspiration is everywhere, fashion plays a fundamental role for all creative people, no matter in which industry they work, but especially the wedding industry goes hand in hand with fashion, all this because when PANTONE determines the color of the year (thanks to these large catwalks) the other industries are based on this color.


Plus, in fashion shows, as Wedding Planners we not only must see the collection of clothing as such, when you are dedicated to creating events your perspective of analyzing these great fashion events changes radically because we do not see a color or a texture, we analyze the scenery of the runway, lighting, makeup, accessories, shoes, graphic arts, how to present models, among other aspects.

London Fashion Week 2017 #MUSTs

We fell in love with Fashion Week a couple of days ago, from New York’s to Paris’, but it was London’s which captivated us the most with that air of protocol that the destination itself always intones, I’m going to share with you my 5 MUSTs of this Fashion Week which you will for sure see reflected in our weddings in 2018. Fall in love with these trends with me!

How to adapt the great fashion events to weddings?

Well, let’s go to the origin of the title of our BLOG, you will surely think: “maybe Cecy has nothing to do because she is just watching runways”. Not necessarily, as an entrepreneur and owner of a business that is my passion, I am aware that many times the inspiration ceases or there are so many colleagues already, they all carry the same pattern.

My idea with this special is to make you see that adapting these runways to weddings can be very simple, I’m not telling you to dress your maids in yellow or that your wedding should be in light blue palette, I’m just giving you decoration ideas for your great day, get inspired by these colors and create decorative accents in your floral arrangements, fall in love with the textures and take them to your wedding tablecloth or your wedding dress, let yourself be carried by the quirky headdresses and imagine how this design would look with some similar element hanging on the runway, and leave aside the hanging gardens.

If you are a bride / groom or planner reading this blog, I invite you to spend some time to learn how fashion dictates the trends that other industries will follow next year. Revolutionize your wedding with appropriate ideas to your wedding style and your budget.

I have always said, a moment of inspiration a day magnifies you because it fills your spirit with new impetus and incredible ideas to develop.

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