5 Tips for a Destination Wedding

October 26, 2017

We lovely closed the weddings of this 2017 last weekend with a couple full of love, good vibes and a lot of affection between family and friends (very soon you’ll see the post about this wedding), the wedding was held in the state of Morelos where we had different details to consider, so, if you are thinking about getting married in a place that is not your home city or state, today I want to give you my best 5 tips for a DESTINATION WEDDING. Run, take note!


We perfectly know that we cannot avoid the earthquakes, but torrential rains and hurricanes, we can! When you decide the place where you want to swear eternal love think well of the date of your wedding, avoid natural disasters that happen in the region every year at all cost. It is also important that you think about your foreign guests, for them it is an investment to go to your wedding and if they add that they will have to deal with extreme climate they are not accustomed to, they probably will not have the best of the memories of your wedding.

Photo: Garden Huayacán


If you already skipped my previous tip or did your best to choose a better date and didn’t make it, then I urge you not to skimp on money when we talk about safeguarding the success of the wedding; when I say safeguarding I speak of thinking of all the details that the challenges imposed by the region itself impose on us, deck if necessary, set a festival tent (always) in the wet season, have a B or C option for complicated destinations such as beaches, gardens, among others. Making smart investments for the wedding day ensures the safety of guests and suppliers.


Scouting is the inspection visit you should perform in the venue that will be the perfect setting for your big day, when it comes to a wedding destination, the number of “scoutings” you have to make increases, if you have a Wedding Planner it will be his/her job to attend with the providers as many times as necessary to clear doubts, make appropriate placement plans and check whether the location has improved or imperfections have increased for the wedding. CAREFUL! When you do scouting always ask if there is no village fair or other events that could modify the main logistics.

Photo: Yulia + Marco Wedding


It is important that you provide your guests with all the destination information they need, from the exact address to recommendations of hotels, restaurants, tourist activities and more. Again, consider that they do not know the destination, a digital or printed file will be of great help so that they can enjoy more of that weekend. In very remote places do not forget to make signs on the road or on the way so that guests and suppliers do not get lost.


Yes, at this point I will bring up my professional career (Tourism Administration), the impact of such a large event in the region as it is a wedding is truly impressive, so I invite you to always look for local suppliers for your big day, the reasons are many , let’s start with the most basic ones:

  • You will not have to pay travel expenses.
  • They know the region and how to deal with climatological situations.
  • They will promote local economy.
  • They will always have more contacts to fulfill their whims.
  • They know when to start assembling and they adapt to the logistics.

Photo: Banquet Mayita

You already have my 5 best tips for a destination wedding, ideally always hire a Wedding Planner that will save you time and money, as well as advise you on everything that the region, place and destination demand for a wedding, remember that we do weddings in Mexico and all around the world, I invite you to know our destination weddings in our section: REAL WEDDINGS.

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