5 reasons to love winter weddings

December 23, 2017

With the cold we are experiencing at least in Mexico City we can say that winter weddings begin officially. Personally, it is my favorite season, obviously because it is Christmas season but also because the atmosphere itself feels cozy, friendly, and full of love, besides, being always sheltered gives you that internal warmth to continue working and, in our case, creating the best weddings.

I know that from the end of November until the beginning of January couples do not want to get married, the reasons are many, but today I want to tell you the 5 reasons to love winter weddings. You dare?!


I think that with this reason many could change their minds because for the wedding industry these months are low and we are always looking for corporate events to have work, however, with the desire to have the dates blocked many suppliers lower prices convincing many couples.


Wait for our winter galleries that we have prepared for you this December in our FACEBOOK page. Many may think that as it is Winter, everything is gray, dark and a bit sad, we want to tell you that you are wrong! The decoration can be as thematic as trendy and avant-garde, you just have to adapt the venue to the concept of the wedding. TIP: Do not forget to rent heaters for your guests.


Another reason to love Winter weddings is that they are recommended for couples looking for a more intimate moment on their wedding day, a few guests, personalized attention, a warm atmosphere make up for the cold of the season, an exquisite banquet, perfectly cared for details and beautiful people around them celebrating the new stage they are about to start.


Today there are excellent dress options for brides who decide to get married in winter, you will be surprised with the accessories that complement a winter look. Always remember to have an ad hoc look to your personality and style, but above all, remember that cold and fashion can make “perfect match” as long as you are comfortable and warm.


Admit it! Winter is the time of the year that we eat the most, now imagine being surrounded by friends, family, love and a lot of good vibes. The bartenders at this time are even more brilliant with their dishes. I have to confess that my favorites of this season at events are hot chocolate bars, warm punch cocktails and a stunning dessert bar.

5 reasons that are enough to have a winter wedding full of creativity, style, good taste and, above all, taking care of every detail. We would love to plan, design and coordinate a 100% winter wedding, we are waiting for you.

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